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I'm Megan, the owner and creator of Wooden Knots. My husband and I are originally east coasters, but were in Cold Lake, AB for just over 7 years. July of 2019, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to get back to our homestead. With that, I left a full time position within the Municipal Planning field.

We live in a small village on Cape Breton Island, and I was unsuccessful with securing employment for some time. I was a stay a home mom, who was felling a bit lost of who I was. I wanted to submerge my thoughts and creativity into something real, something I could be proud of. After months and months of deciding what to do with all of this creativity bound up, I launched my small business. Since launching my business, I've been successful in gaining full time employment as an Economic Development Officer. To say I am busy is an understatement!!! Life is hectic, life is crazy, but I love every minute of this journey.

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